Hawken King, a professional in interactive design since 1999.

With a background originally in cutting edge Flash development, flowing through to web, apps and games, Hawken has absorbed a holistic understanding of the majority of technologies, styles and practices required to provide up-to-date creative assets for a wide range of clients in various realms of entertainment.

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About Hawken King

Originally from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Hawken started his fascination with interactive design after working for some years in an internet cafe. Trying his hand at merging a love of design and interactive web elements, his hobby become a job back in 1999 by relocating to London and working for a Kleber, a small 5 man team based in Kensington. Kleber worked on a wide range of projects for music and games including; Wip3out, Aphex Twin, Warp Records, Ninja tune, Moloko, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue & with the infamous the Designers Republic (tDR).

In 2001 after an offer from a Japanese studio called Furi Furi, Hawken moved to Japan. Furi Furi worked on projects for games & web, with such clients as Sega, Capcom and various studios around the Harajuku area of Tokyo.

These two experiences were to shape a young graphic designer, using their intensity to give him the skills needed for a career in design.

After returning to the UK, Hawken worked as an Art Director for a games company providing marketing services to Nintendo & Capcom, and creation of interactive SKYTV games.

Japan kept calling.

Hawken returned to Japan in 2005 and has been there ever since. He retains his initial experiences being thrust headlong into the world of very serious design, and retains a marginal British spirit to his work, since working for clients such as IBM, Google, Nike, RedBull & Cygames. He focuses his worldly lens to all areas of design, illustration, UX UI and programming, in short, he employs various skills & tools to provide what is needed for a genuine and entertaining experience.

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