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Specialist in Unity 3D and clean vector illustration.

Open to small to medium contracts, mostly programming and UI mock ups. To support my own indie game development.

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About Hawken King

This is my little corner of the internet, this website serves to list my endeavours over time, a kind of repository of work dating back to when the internet was made of wood and your favourite snacks were twice as big and half as cheap.

Hawken has been around a while, and some say he's seen it all. But actually he is just this guy, making games and doing contracts making other peoples games. His experience over this vast period of time does afford his clients insights and craft that might not come with newer models.

So does he do design work too? You betcha! He loves design. A Hawken can often be found pouring over old design books, fishing in Tokyo's design stores buying obscure pens or staring up in to the sky. Caution do not approach a Hawken when he is transfixed on the sky, if questioned he will say "oh nothing". It is entirely fruitless

When not staring at the sky he can be found in his natural habitat, hunched over a glowing screen scribbling frantically on a pen input and typing arcane codes in to a badly beaten mac.

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