Hawken King's Holistic Design Agency

Taking a holistic approach to design, considering all factors that make up an interactive experience.

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Good Design is not something that can be made in a vacuum, each challenge should be treated as a whole of it's parts.

Hawken King - a battle-hardened designer with 15 years of design experience in Creative agencies both In Tokyo and London - provides a holistic approach to design solutions, great and small.

- Core Services -
  • UX (user experience).
  • Design. (UI)
  • Illustration.
- Core Deliverables -
  • Product Marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Responsive Websites.

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Hawken King is Tokyo based, but international enquiries welcome.
(Agencies and individuals alike are welcome. No recruiters please.)

Email: hello@hawkenking.com
Phone: +81 (0)80 3254 8001

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