Hawken King's Holistic Design Agency

Taking a holistic approach to design, considering all factors that make up an interactive experience.

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Good Design is not something that can be made in a vacuum, each challenge should be treated as a whole of it's parts.

Hawken King - a battle-hardened designer with 15 years of design experience in Creative agencies both In Tokyo and London - provides a holistic approach to design solutions, great and small.

- Core Services -
  • UX (user experience).
  • Design. (UI)
  • Illustration.
- Core Deliverables -
  • Product Marketing.
  • Branding.
  • Responsive Websites.

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Booked until Jan 2015, but please get in touch if planning for next year.

Hawken King is Tokyo based, but international enquiries welcome.
(Agencies and individuals alike are welcome. No recruiters please.)

Email: hello@hawkenking.com
Phone: +81 (0)80 3254 8001

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