client: web converger

A good friend of mine asked me to develop a logo and visual language for his startup company (webconverger) distributing an all-in-one linux based portable web browser. We mulled over a plethora of daisy designs, finally choosing the most vibrant one for it’s web 2.0 charm.

The daisy represents convergence.

Instead of going for a custom font on the type my friend wanted (or rather insisted) on using the open source font Gentium. It was a bit of a challenge getting this font to behave, and like Linux it is constantly being upgraded and amended by the community. A bit of kerning later and we have something we are happy with. We’re trying to use the logo in the open vector “SVG” format where ever possible.
This project is truly a logo in action and more about active presence than refinement. It’s interesting to see what happens when you hand over “the keys” to a project like this and watch it grow into t-shirts and so on.