agency: Kleber
client: Echo

Another Echo deal with Kleber, I was responsible for another Echo website. Joy! Because this time it was for my personal heros, the Utahsaints!
It was the usual story for Echo, they have a daft old website that hardly works and need a spanking new one, to beat the shit out of an old image.
The Utahsaints had been missing in action for quite some time, until they hooked up with some other people who had been missing for quite sometime, to release a plethora of singles, a tie-in with a Japanese game, and much more besides (these guys go on tour for years, not months).

The sites image was cocktailed by myself, a little less extreme than my original intentions, and directed by Mr. Dorian, who left Kleber some months later to pursue other interests. He set-up Kleber with a guy called Chris, who still owns the company to this day.

Sufficed to say, this website was a hit! Unfortunately, the Utahsaints were not. I’m not sure what they are doing of late – but rest assured they’ll be doing it in style!