agency: Ultra Super New
client: Red Bull

When tasked with making a website that runs on mobile only, you kind of want it to be special. In this case I went for rotating “everything” on the screen by a few degrees, using a slide out menu and adding motion sensitive ideas to jazz up the front screen.

So how did these ideas work out in reality?

Rotating everything proved to be a challenge, we got stuck on Android browsers mostly. This advanced form of CSS is still not 100% supported so we had to drop it for a few things

Slide out menu was a genuine success, it’s smoother than a few well known sites (YouTube, for example)

For the tilt sensitive sliding layers idea, I thought it might be possible and luckily we had a talented programmer on hand to make it happen. The result is impressive.

Link to (mobile only)

Many thanks to Ludovic Prandi (web programmer) & Matthew Wagerfield (special effects programmer)

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