agency: LM3
client: Samsung

I was asked by a local Tokyo based technology company to produce the graphics and general Unity scripting / 3D knowhow on a Hand tracking project for Samsung.

With a couple of PDF mockup’s outlining what the app should generally look like, we set to work building a 3D environment that would be displayed on a HD TV. The idea is that users pre-register then turn up to the event, they stick their hand in a box and using the technology companies hardware & software, we track the hand to be displayed on a screen. The user is then given a few seconds to catch a star. If they can do so, they win something from one of the sponsors.

This event was held in a shopping center in Singapore.

More info on event.

Prototype version:

  • samsung draw lucky

Rigging the hand so it can be used by the motion tracking software:

  • Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.43.01 AM
  • Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.43.13 AM