client: Polycount

This humble image represents a community of video game artists known as Polycount. One of the oldest artist community sites on the internet (this place has been running since the late ’90’s), it’s users are an interesting mix of well established video games artists, hobbyists and the new breed looking for a leg up into what is one of the most difficult to enter industries on the planet.

One day I got asked by a guy restructuring the website if I could do a logo. At the time my HP monster laptop had blown a gasket / valve and would only display in VGA stretched over widescreen. I didn’t even know if I had sent over the right aspect ratio. But I knew a green devilish smiley was in order, keep it simple, let it breathe.

What happened next I really couldn’t be prepared for:


Fan Art (by Gauss)

A Team Fortress pack from Valve Software

Snuck into ads

More T-Shirts

Even more fan art (by r13)

Easter Eggs in various video games (naturally) like Brink and NFSW

Official Polycount mascot for every “Dominance War” – a yearly international video games artists competition. (Placed on hundreds of game models and concept art)


Wait for it…


Truly brings a tear to my eye.