agency: Mission One
client: Sunstar

Promotional game for well known toothpaste manufacturer Sunstar, as part of a wider campaign featuring cuter than life Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Using the new 2D features of Unity, my part to play here was as lead programmer. Responsible for front end programming, animation and gameplay programming.

Was interesting to see what I could get out of Unity2D – and navigating the quirks of this developing system. Some bespoke features needed to be coded in to extend the 2D tools.

Ora² Stain Battle is available for both iOS and Android, and is being promoted with a rather fancy website.

Ora² Stain Battle on Google Play
Ora² Stain Battle on iTunes

Some shots from the game:

  • Ora² Stain Battle
  • Ora² Stain Battle
  • Ora² Stain Battle

  • Ora² Stain Battle

Some Photos from the promotion and Kyary playing the game:

  • 10317728_1498545587041279_7417662653328396787_o
  • 10689911_1551892141706623_4871282636287077179_n
  • 10369100_1497883377107500_293105441620105011_o
  • 10333307_1501408376755000_5880161686709560189_o