agency: Eat
client: ONE

After producing the me too campaign – voice to help the worlds poor, ‘primarily’ for G8 in Japan this year – one approached Eat creative [where I am web-producer] to handle their Japanese localisation and filming / press.

As part of this we were asked to create a Japanese version of the one website, entirely built and localised by us. Myself and the programmer knew that we needed to untangle the site a bit so worked from scratch via my illustrator templates, instead of the existing code.

I guess the highlight of this is watching the “one” juggernaut at work, with celebrities like (dr) Bono and Antony Gormley coming to Japan to support the effort. The entangled limbs of the respective charities do serve to provide a powerful voice this year, effects are – noticeable – Japanese PM pledging more aid to Africa – already – and tanabata day is the pinnacle of this, when the G8 summit is held.