agency: Kleber
client: Echo

With hits from new to old, Moloko are not new on the scene, unfortunately, neither was their doddering old website.
When Echo records came to us to ask for the makeover, we at Kleber were delighted to take on what could only be a good project.

I spent several weeks on the design, which seems like such a long time, but I had it down to work on all browsers *with* lots of added features for newer browsers too, the site was then given the php treatment to make it work well. The site also included some trickery to make it seem to take up all of the browser window whatever size it was set at, not just a fixed width… kind of a trademark technique in Kleber at the time.

The site generated a bit of press and won some sort of award I belive… Although whoever gave it, we didn’t receive it, that was the duty of Moloko (the band) who probably didn’t even know they had a website in the first place. I went on to write a few articles for web magazines about the reward scheme on the site (whereby you collect items scattered around the pages to unlock a secret page which held goodies.