client: Lego

Demo I made for Lego.
Purposefully went with the old-school Lego man outfits and faces illustration (painstakingly traced from old 80’s dog chewed lego men).

At the time, I had my custom vector engine for iOS to hand, so making a working demo was a case of reskinning my app Facemakr accordingly. You could move the hats up and down!

Small working demo, based on the Facemakr engine, was shown:

Fully working prototype based on the Facemakr engine, if project went ahead, would revise the interface to something like below.

I also made a few faces to hand, but removed them from the final prototype. Not really a fan of modern Lego, this was more of retro look and that’s perhaps why Lego didn’t go for it in retrospect (plus they were making their own app like this in-house at the time)

Leave a comment if you’d like to see this app revived!