agency: Babel Media
client: Yoo Media

IO was released on the Sky TV platform here in the UK in November 2003, its the first game of its kind! (on this platform) A side scrolling shoot-em-up.
The only way to access the game is press Interactive on your sky remote and select “GoPlayTV”. It’ll cost aobut 75 pence to play.
I worked on this project with the then art director, Tom Jackson (who designed and made all the characters), Marc Coupar (programmer) and Robin Gething (audio). Also Dan Croucher (enemy patterns) and Russ Williams (codebase) were in the mix.

IO is actually a great game! Although it was in testing for months before it could be released… Sky TV games have to work on all of thier 30+ variations of recivers, all of which have different hardware!