client: dadako

  • Ginger & Friends
  • Ginger & Friends

A few months ago I heard about LINE offering up a creators market, where by one creates 40 stickers(minimum set) and submits them as a set for use in the LINE Instant Messaging app. This interested me and so I spent a weekend frantically fleshing out some of my cat characters I had been working on.

Ironically I had just finished a sticker set for a large client, so this was good timing.

3 months silently pass by and the sticker set is approved!

Apparently there are now 40,000 people waiting for approval on their sets, with 5,000 or so currently approved. So it’s highly unlikely that I will make another set. However this set is cute and well worth the $1 or so price tag. One can find them through LINE (just search for “ginger” in the sticker shop) or by visiting the link below: