As part of the may 1st reboot, we decided to create a new look for Eat’s homepage, which has been out of date for quite some time.

Although in need of a facelift to something more web friendly that reflects the type of work Eat do, and the web standards it preaches; time has been in short supply.

Sometime in late 2007 I was drafted in to come up with an idea, art direction and make it work. I picked up this hot potato and ran with it!

Features include:

  • no menu. I wanted the sites content to be the navigation. Was hard to wrangle the idea of sitemaps and menus away from Eat, but eventually I think we all agree that it works well without pre-defined menu items.
  • accessible. One of the major concerns was to get google to pick up on the content and let users bookmark articles and so on.
  • basic, content driven interface.

As the site grows and becomes an archive of everything Eat produces, it will start to take on a life of it’s own.