Dead Rising, the social game! In this game the player is challenged with maintaining a base camp with survivors, going on scavenging hunts and all the while boosting your defences to stave off the zombie hordes! Sounds like quite the challenge?

Oh yes and other players can randomly attack you and steal all your stuff.

This iOS game sadly only was available on the Canadian, Irish and Australian App Stores but inevitably, as with all social games, they need servers to run, and this one isn’t running anymore.

It made impressive use of HTML5 & flash to canvas/javascript technology.
My part to play was making extensive User Experience Wireframes (UX) then fleshing them out in Photoshop with the other designers (UI). Additional Artwork: Hitomi Mori (characters), Janet Fu (UI), Brice Chavilier (Animation Engineer) & Carrol Tang (weapons). The programming team for this game was quite huge, it was a great experience working with so many talented people, it’s a shame this game wasn’t around for longer.

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