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Jun 7, 2000

Boobnight, the new media trendy whore hangout. I decided to go with steven and take some media based preverbal piss. Got there late, it was packed, had a bit to drink. Ended up in Soho 5 hours later wondering who and what I was, stumbled in my flip flops to a bus stop and watched […]

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Jan 10, 2000

ok back to work, Im back in England once again. Its very strange coming back, I forgot this life and it took me a few days just to get my head beck into shape. England is very cold, Im not really enjoying London right now but hey: roll on summer! I have to move house […]

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the year in question

Jan 1, 2000

Well bugger me if it aint a new millenium we are in! But I got to see it twice! ok ok, Ill explain: Japan is a clean 9 hours ahead of england [but tokyo might as well be 25 years ahead] So I went to a shrine for the cerimonial ringing of a bell and […]

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updates from japan!

Jan 1, 2000

Im updating from a nice cybercafe in Shinyukyu now, its about 5 mins walk from my hotel and like most shops in japan, it sports a generic name – “cyber cafe” – its a bit like the one in London Victoria, easyeverything, but the drinks are free and it costs 1.50 an hour. Its a […]

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Dec 28, 1999

Well here I am. I`m enjoying japan… but this bloody keyboard is in japanese so I can`t really be bothered to update my diary while on holiday, a: its too expensive and b: its hard to type this simple news entry due to the funny character sets etc, please write to me via the forum […]

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Dec 28, 1999

I`m in kyoto and things are fine, I`ve found a cyber cafe called [link colour looks funny, sorry copy an paste :)] its nice but a little undermanned with only 10 pcs, unlike the understated presense of easyeverything in london. Japan is nice, what can I say? I`ve taken 9 films and half filled […]

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