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Compatible with iPad logo

Mar 19, 2010
compatible with ipad

Couldn’t find one so I made one. Please use freely. Cite me at this URL if you are feeling generous.

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CS4 looms; my favourite quotes from "dear adobe"

Sep 24, 2008

With the imminent release of CS34, I take a look at the funny side of the long requested features from users of Adobe products.

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top11 missing mail features for iPhone! *update*

Aug 6, 2008

As we use e-mail more than SMS here in Japan, I have a look at what could be changed for the Japanese device, by means of a software update. This is basically my wish list for this already amazing device. Practically all of the wished for features listed are apparent on a normal everyday Japanese phone.

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iPhone homebrew

Jun 13, 2008

Now that the iPhone is finally hitting Japan, and I’ve finally upgraded to Leopard, I’m looking for a pro-active programmer to work with me on game development

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evoloution of currency fonts?

Feb 25, 2008

I once read somewhere that all the best design is refined by the end user. Take greengrocers for example, they have to use currency symbols and measurement symbols every day. No computers, keyboards or pda’s. Just a scrap of paper and a pencil. What ever happened to the double strike on currency symbols? Refinement for […]

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WordPress hax. Authors page & individual post styling.

Aug 22, 2007

Bonus: limiting post count on pages WordPress, however easy it is on the mind for non coders like me, is always going to come up short on the goods when turning a clients idea into reality. This article isn’t for those proficient in PHP to be honest. If you know PHP, you are well equipped […]

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Blu-Ray Apple

Mar 15, 2007

Long awaited next mac mini, and how it may use blu-ray drives. Apple TV is dead before it even left the shelf Apple TV has arrived, but it has a few flaws. These flaws are virtually un-noticable in the current technology market. The device will only support 720p HD at the maximum, whereas Blu-ray is […]

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NDS homebrew with passcard3 & M3Perfect

Feb 20, 2007

I live out here in Tokyo, and despite what you might imagine, it is very hard to get ahold of homebrew kit out here. There are some dodgy shops here and there, but often they are geeky and un-comunicative about what they sell due to legal reasons. So, out for a walk trying to find […]

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moan 2007

Feb 15, 2007
Picture 5.png

For all the benefits my Mac has brought me, there are still some improvements to be made. Here’s a list of features I have sent to Apple and other companies (Adobe) this year, in some kind of vain and possibly pointless hope that they may fix for the insane month of March. Where 2007 becomes […]

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Apple & Ikea

Jan 19, 2007

Marriage made in heaven? Apple sells it’s products from it’s website. Apple sells products from it’s flagship inner-city stores and selected retailers. Is that really enough?

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