agency: Kleber
client: echo

‘you’re gorgeous’
No really, you are.
Babybird’s most famous song, a legacy that he seems be trying to forget. His latest album is called Bugged.
Echo approached Kleber in the past to produce the Moloko site, and favouring us to do a good job they wanted Babybird to have the same treatment.

We devised a PHP system for the site to run on and I took the artwork and ran with it. End result? A website that meets all the fans needs and more; all the sections are colour coded and are pulled together on the front of the site into a timeline, clever stuff. (edit: kinda like what wordpress does now!)

When we replaced the doddering old Babybird site with our new one some people did complain at the forum (people are always gonna complain, let face it) but after a while they got used to it. You can tell a good forum by how busy it is, if people start to complain or praise down the line then you know its been over designed. Well no-one is complaining now!