client: ASEU

ASEU needed a site to contain their huge catalogue, with an e-commerce programmer already onboard – and countless iterations of the site left to gather dust by designers past, we set to work on something stable, good looking and accessible to all browsers / platforms.

In all I produced 4 (ASP~HTML) templates for this site. From these 4 templates the e-commerce programmer was able to cover every eventuality in the site, add new elements and keep product image sizes constant. The old website featured product shots taken by the factory staff in China, these weren’t re-sized for the internet. The client (ASEU) was very trusting of my direction, and we had a very quick turn around from a broken, ugly shop; to a fully functioning, pretty shop within a very short space of time.

I’m very proud of the outcome, on what I think is an attractive e-commerce website. (most are thrown together with little concern of form, just function.) Pats on backs all ’round. When I handed over the templates, they parsed as w3c compliant (no tables used, also). I’m not sure about now, as site like this often change to incorporate new ideas or features.